Amana ADB1000AWB Standard Tub Dishwasher – A Review

Amana ADB1000AWB Standard Tub DishwasherIf you want to say good bye forever to pre-washing your dishes, then all you need is this Amana ADB1000AWB standard tub black dishwasher featuring 5 wash cycles to present various cleaning combinations as you wish for the optimum efficiency. It comes standard with the In-Rack Silverware basket that can hold your utensils safely in the bottom rack for simple and easy cleaning. For those who look for the basic tasks of dishwashing to be done thoroughly in a normal cycle, this amana ADB1000AWB is for them.


What is the Amana ADB1000AWB?

Amana ADB1000AWB is a Standard Tub Dishwasher from Amana that can be portably installed with great look and amazing performance. This dishwasher is suitable for those looking for something simple to clean their dishes so they can avoid hand washing them. The dishwasher is very simple without being loaded with digital features, with basic controls and low price, with amazing performance in cleaning and rinsing the dishes.


  • Amana ADB1000AWB is an ENERGY STAR Qualified automatic dishwasher.
  • It is categorized as a Standard Tub Dishwasher presenting a large 10 place settings capacity.
  • The machine comes with Plate Warm Cycle feature along with amazing Vinyl Racks
  • Amana ADB1000AWB is equipped with front controls, which are easy to operate and access.
  • For great cleaning the dishwasher has soil Settler tower feed wash system that can strongly spray water from 2 levels.


What customers are saying about the Amana ADB1000AWB

“Once installed Amana ADB1000AWB looks and works great. It is very simple with basic controls that certainly accomplish a good cleaning dish job” . – Mark Lovallo

“The unit washes the dishes”. – Rebeca E. Eigen

The Amana ADB1000AWB is highly rated nearly 5 star  and strongly recommended by those that look for a simple dishwasher that comes with no the bells nor whistles. The price tag is amazing for a well built machine like it. Thus, for those with strict budget who only want to wash the dishes and dry them without hassle at the same time, this dishwasher is certainly just amazing to choose.


  • Amana ADB1000AWB Standard Tub Dishwasher imageThe price of Amana ADB1000AWB, around $249.00 is a great value for a builder’s grade machine definitely users can make a big saving b buying it.
  • The unit can clean the dishes so well effortlessly.
  • The Amana ADB1000AWB does not need three hours to cycle and the good thing is there is no “green” nonsense built into the unit.
  • Amana ADB1000AWB is a consistent dishwasher never leaving dishes dirty, or soap in the dispenser.


  • Some consider Amana ADB1000AWB noisy but actually it is because the unit really uses water to wash.
  • Some say it uses a little bit much water.
  • The racks are not definitely useable.
  • For some users the silverware basket is considered small and the inside of the dishwasher itself is so compact that a lot of items cannot be fit it. However some say they can save their compartment as the machine fits beautifully and even they have lots of space for the silverware.
  • Unlike the ADB1400PY series the machine is not equipped with Auto Soil Sensor For effective cleaning by adjusting wash time, which can be set based on dish soil levels.




Here is the list of what customers are raving about with the Amana ADB1000AWB

  • Regardless the little noise and small size, the unit really wash the dishes well.
  • The price is fantastic, unbelievable for the quality of performance the dishwasher offers along with the sturdy design that is intended to be durable.
  • The unit has all metal exterior, which is something you normally do not find in other brands.


So what exactly do you get?

With amana ADB1000AWB you can be sure of long live dishwasher because the unit is intended to be resistant to stain and durable with its plastic tube. All works with the machine are automatic including rinse-aid dispensing, which add a certain amount of rinse-aid to help eliminating the potential of spots on the dishes. Users will get oversize upper rack for their glasses and cups to clean. You will get in the package the in-rack silverware basket, which can hold utensils and silverware safely in the bottom of the rack for simple cleaning.

The Amana ADB1000AWB Standard Tub Dishwasher from Amana is an excellent investment

With a highest price of around 393.99 Amana ADB1000AWB is a great option as it offers heavy wash cycle providing users great cleaning on heavily soiled items with more thorough and longer soaking so that the dried on food can be scoured away. It is also possible to make your plates toasty warm before your next meal by operating the Plate Warm cycle. You will really get what you pay for this standard tub dishwasher.

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