Amana ADB1400PYS Review – Stainless Steel Tall Tub Dishwasher

Amana ADB1400PYS tall tub dishwasherIf you want to have something different and better when it comes to dishwashing task rather than the old pre-rinsing or clean plate wash system, then you should think of Amana ADB1400PYS, which comes with the tall tub interior providing you with room for large items to clean. In addition, the Twice as Nice in-rack silverware baskets present antimicrobial component protection giving you peace of mind about the cleanliness of your dishes.

What is the Amana ADB1400PYS?

Amana ADB1400PYS is a modern dishwashers making the job of doing dishes as ease as load-and-go with amazing features such as the tall tub interior that can easily fits item, which is too big for common dishwasher tubs. The unit comes with modern Triple Filter Wash System eliminating the prewashing and rewashing stages from your everyday routine and instead delivering results in clean dishes entirely set for the next meal.


  • Amana ADB1400PYS is an ENERGY STAR qualified stainless dishwasher
  • The unit features Tall Tub Dishwasher
  • It comes with Clean Plate Wash System
  • It presents Delay Start Option and Antimicrobial Component Protection


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What customers are saying about Amana ADB1400PYS

“Amana ADB1400PYS has no sales tax” – Ava Stamper

“The dishwasher is very quiet and it truly does a great job at cleaning dishes” – Julie L. Friedman

The Amana ADB1400PYS is highly rated and well recommended by those appreciating how it runs at 49 instead of 59 decibels (its quietness). Besides, the unit comes with the phenomenal price when compared to other dishwashers out there plus the excellent customer service.


  • Amana ADB1400PYS is very quiet, and truly does the job well.
  • The price of Amana ADB1400PYS is considered low and it is worth the users’ money
  • It makes less noise than common dishwasher that users may not even notice when it is on without seeing the on lights.
  • The instructions on installation are easy to follow and are user friendly.



  • Amana ADB1400PYS dishwasher is small on the inside so that it might be unsuitable for those who want to put as many dishes in it as they did in the old dishwasher. However, the small size fits to the need of modern people living in limited size homes, apartments or offices.
  • Some customers report that the first time they use Amana ADB1400PYS dishwasher, the unit leaves food stains on some of the dishes but do not have the same issue after the second and third washes.



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Here is the list of what customers are raving about with the Amana ADB1400PYS

  • Amana ADB1400PYS image2Amana ADB1400PYS is an ENERGY STAR Qualified item, which certainly can save you money while it conserves the energy.These units fit with the ENERGY STAR guidelines 2012 for energy efficiency.
  • Amana ADB1400PYS is Twice as Nice Silverware Baskets so that users only need to pick a place. They can place the two silverware baskets on the sides, in the front, or behind the lower rack, so that their utensils will get an ideal dose of clean.
  • Amana ADB1400PYS comes with Tall Tub Interior allowing it fill tall orders. Such tub is beneficial in providing users with space for items that are too large to suit in a standard dishwasher tub.
  • The dishwasher has Triple Filter Wash System using three kinds of filters—a coarse filter, a filter screen, and micro-fine filter cup to catch food stains during the wash process to keep your dishes clean and sparkling.
  • The unit comes with an Antimicrobial Component Protection, which is built in during the making process, to help inhibiting the growth of odor- and stain- causing bacteria on the silverware baskets.
  • With High Temperature Wash Option Amana ADB1400PYS can turn up the heat easily, where during the wash cycle a heater can boost the water temperature, while more rinse is added for complete cleaning and drying.


So what exactly do you get?

Amana ADB1400PYS image1With low priced Amana ADB1400PYS you can wash your dishes anytime you want to. You can set the dishwasher to operate, even if you are running and off. It allows you to save money by setting the machine to run during the hours of off-peak energy use for example. this unit will certainly not disturb your life due to its SofSound quiet package and the unit can reduce the potential of spots on dishes with its rinse aid dispenser so that lessen your worries.

The Amana ADB1400PYS from is an excellent investment.

If you are sick of scrubbing then Amana ADB1400PYSwill be a great investment with its efficient cycle providing users with heavily soiled items with a more thorough, longer soaking to remove those grungy messes. The cycle of the unit works well when you require a little more attention but your dish load do not. Amana ADB1400PYS is really perfect for all purpose cleaning.

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