Which Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors?

best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floorsClean floors ensure comforts to any homeowners whether it is hard floors or is covered with carpet. Regular floor cleaning is of course necessary so as to keep clean and to prevent everyone in the house from having health problems as a result of dirty floor. While everybody must know that it is important to keep the floor clean, it is not always easy to clean it on a regular basis due to the house size, lack of energy to do it after all the house chores, absence of equipment that is suited for the purpose or many other technical reasons.

Unlike cleaning carpet where vacuuming should solve the problems, cleaning hardwood floors, such as those in the kitchen, takes a little bit more effort in that mopping should also be done to remove grease. Therefore, a suitable piece of equipment is inexorably needed to do the essential cleaning job to ensure that the hard floor is free from debris and dust, giving uncomfortable feeling at the touch of the feet. Of course there is plenty of best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors that may be suitable for your home condition offered at various prices; however, here, we are going to take a look at three options to see if they match your need.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors – The Considerations

Hardwood floors must be treated in such a way so that there will not be any scratches left by the cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum has to have the ability to capture dirt that stands free on the hard surface. Different from the dust on the carpet that is attached to the carpet fiber, dust on the hard floor does not stay still when vacuumed. Therefore, the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has to thoroughly suck the dirt instead of making it fly away due to the vacuum movement so that the floor is easy to mop, the finishing cleaning stage.

Ease of use, light weight, and suction power are among other capabilities that a best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has to have. All the three factors are complementing one another, meaning that there is no point in powerful suction if the tool is difficult to operate or is too heavy to use. Now that all the necessary considerations have been mentioned, the one that suits your hardwood floor condition should come to light.


Great Choices for the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

1. Dyson DC39 – vacuum cleaner for Multi floor
best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floorsThe Dyson DC39 is a powerful canister vacuum, capturing more debris and microscopic dust without losing its suction power in comparison to the others in its class. To optimize its suction power, Dyson’s engineers have remodeled the Radial Root Cyclone technology in its airflows and easy control. The other great feature is that it is completed with a triggerhead tool, the only vacuum with a turbine head, making it possible to control the head from the handle without having to bend down for adjustment between carpets and hard floors. It is a perfect cleaning companion for those who have to keep switching between different flooring options, with its flexibility in maneuvering on carpets and hard floors.

2. Evolution Robotics Mint 4200, Automatic Cleaner for Hard Floor
mint 4200 automatic floor cleanerThe Evolution Robotics Mint 4200, Automatic Cleaner for Hard Floor is indeed very compact in its appearance, offering sweep and mop options. If you only need a cleaner for your hard floor, in this case hardwood floor, then this robot is the right choice. Because Mint is not a vacuum cleaner, it does not suck the dirt; instead, it sweeps and picks the dirt with its attached damp cloth that is available in some choices. It moves with the aid of a GPS called NorthStar Navigation System, making sure that it goes on to reach the places it has not reached before. With a straight line movement, Mint moves back and forth under furniture and around rugs. It is a cordless floor cleaner so it needs charging regularly.

3. Hoover Linx, Stick Vacuum Cleaner without Cord
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerThe Hoover Linx, Stick Vacuum Cleaner without Cord, is a cordless upright vacuum which is also without-bag, having the ability of turning off its motorized power brush when touching hard floor automatically. It is so sleek that cleaning under furniture is a breeze with its nozzle of 11-inch in width. The WindTunnel technology ensures deep cleaning on any floor surfaces, including hardwood floor, with its multi-cyclonic core. Running on Lithium-Ion battery, Linx tells you when it needs recharging. Its light weight makes it very easy to work with.


Which to Choose and Why?
It is hard not overlook the warranty of any electronic appliances, and Dyson DC39 canister vacuum cleaner for Multi floor surfaces comes with the longest warranty period: a five-year warranty for parts and labor. This of course shines out quality the vacuum offers that goes along with its price. Nonetheless, what you buy should be an investment, and Dyson is a great investment with all of its capability, versatility, and power. If you want a piece of cleaning equipment that powerfully does both carpets and hardwood floor, Dyson is what you are searching for.

Our pick: Dyson DC39 canister vacuum cleaner for Multi floor

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