Which Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner under $200?

When it comes to house cleaning, especially cleaning carpets and floors, a reliable piece of equipment is always necessary so that the job can be done fast and efficiently. A carpet and hard floor vacuum cleaner is a staple machine in every home now that employing somebody who can do the house chores is not easy and not cheap as well. While the notion saying that you have to pay more to get a better quality product is not entirely wrong, there are some good vacuum cleaners on the market that provide efficient mechanism and powerful suction. This means that some products should be compared first before a decision is made.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner under $200 to help get the cleaning job done, we will try to provide you with three vacuum cleaners that are popular on the market and try to discuss each of the vacuum’s capacity as far as cleaning goes. Without doubt, there are some things that are worth your considerations when choosing and buying the right one for you, which include price, ease of use, capacity, easy storage, power, and so on.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner under $200

With the price under $200, there are some quality vacuums that offer good performance. Therefore, what needs considering is first how powerful it is in pulling dirt, debris, dust, and other microscopic dust, harmful for our health. If you have somebody who are allergic to such allergens in the house, then standardized filtration should be taken into accounts. The efficiency of suction power can be checked in the bag or tank placed inside the body of the vacuum. The next thing to take into consideration is the ease of use. Check the interface or mechanism of the machine. Does it have some complicated buttons for different purposes or does it have only simple set with clear instruction written there. While it is important due to damage prevention as a result of misuse the functions, simple instructions can be understood easily by anyone operating the machine.

The capacity of the vacuum means that it can operate powerfully enough without losing its suction power after a while. This can be confirmed through the technology it is using for the vacuum, which is frequently not related to the power it is consuming. Lastly, see if storing is easy and convenient enough in tight spaces. With those essential factors mentioned, let’s go over the three vacuums to find the best vacuum cleaner under $200 .

1.Hoover Linx – Stick Vacuum Cleaner without cord
hoover linx cordless stickThe Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner without cord, is a cordless, upright, and without-bag vacuum cleaner that offers WindTunnel Technology, deploying three suction tunnels for lifting and removing stubborn and unseen dirt. This light and versatile machine is perfect for cleaning both carpets and solid floors with a deep clean ability. Running on an Interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery, the vacuum ensures what is called fade-free power and lets you know when it needs recharging. Its multi-cyclonic cleaning system also provides full, strong, and no-loss of suction for the entire room in spite of its light weight. If you have tight spaces like under the furniture, Linx has very good recline handle allowing you to reach under tables, sofa, beds and other spots that are hard to reach. The easy storage feature is a nice addition.

2. Panasonic MC-CG902, a Canister Vacuum Cleaner
panasonic mc-cg902 canister vacuumThe Panasonic MC-CG902, a Canister Vacuum Cleaner, comes with power nozzle, on/off solid floor switch, powerful 12-amp motor, and motor protection system to make sure effective performance. The tools, which include dusting brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery brush, are a nice addition to the machine besides HEPA filter and a 24-foot power cord. If you are looking for a vacuum under $200 with good and standardized filtration system, then this one is for you. completed with four positions of manual adjustments, cleaning carpets and hard floor can be done properly.

3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum
shark navigator lift awayThe Shark Navigator is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, featuring a large canister that can be detached and that has the technology of total anti-allergen seal. It captures 99.99% allergens found on the floor, carpets, sofa, or any other upholstery. For the homeowners who have a high concern on respiratory organ health or are allergic to dust or other particulates, this vacuum can be the one you are looking for. Completed with a swivel steering, the vacuum can be maneuvered easily. As for the performance, this wthout-bag vacuum canister maintains its suction power steadily all through the use without losing the strength, owing to the technology that makes it up.


Which to Go for? And Why?

Having had a closer look at each of the vacuum cleaners along with its features, Shark Navigator has all the requirements fulfilled for a good vacuum cleaner. Among the three vacuums, it is chosen as the best vacuum cleaner under $200 for its ease of use, its mechanism that ensures steady performance, and its feature that traps allergens found on many of the house’s carpets, floors, and upholstery. All of them are what makes a vacuum a really useful appliance at home otherwise it is just an ordinary one.

Our Pick: Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum