Danby DDW1899WP Review – 8 Place Setting Portable Dishwasher

Danby DDW1899WP 8 Place Portable Dishwasher

If you are single or there are only you and your husband in your resident and you are too lazy to wash your dishes by hand all the time then portable Danby DDW1899WP dishwasher is definitely the right machine for you. It can handle not only a fine large meal of pots but also a small party of dishes. However, if your family has more than three kids along with a lazy husband who cannot rinse out a cup by himself, then it is likely you will need a built in washer.

Danby DDW1899WP Review – The Key Features

Below are the key features of Danby DDW1899WP :

  • The key features of Danby DDW1899WP portable dishwasher unit include 8 place setting capacity, Simple electronic controls, silverware basket, 6 wash cycles, castors for easy portability, durable stainless steel interior and spray arm.
  • All are functional making the machine an efficient and convenient addition to any home. Moreover, the machine allows easy move for portability need and has energy star rating as well as low water consumption features.
  • The unit is not only suitable for apartments and condos but also for residential properties and offices. For remote cottage locations it presents a built in soft water system.
  • Danby DDW1899WP has a reflex shut-off of intensive level and it can be programmed for 10 minutes. It also comes with cooperated halogen lighting that has dimmer function.
  • Moreover, it has programmable filter saturation timers, Double-sided, single motor system (that can turn up to 625 CFM) as well as front mounted controls. This product comes with a year warranty.

Pros and Cons

Danby DDW1899WP image


There are many advantages offered by Danby DDW1899WP. There is no problem with hot dishwashing job when using it. You will never get disappointed when it comes to the workmanship quality. It is perfect for a resident consisting a wife and husband. When it comes to cleaning it simply works. The stainless steel interior of the unit prevents it from stinking after several years of heavy labor even though I may take hours to clean you don’t have to do it too often.



Among the cons is that Danby DDW1899WP portable dishwasher comes only with plastic wheels. However, actually that plastic material makes the wheel roll easily. The shape of hoses are intended to attach to your faucet, thus you can keep the unit anywhere where you can just roll it to the sink whenever you wish to use it. If you prefer to store it in the similar spot all the time, then you had better make that spot just next to your sink since the hoses are short, probably only 3 feet long. For better performance, doing the pre-rinse is recommended. Also the major appliance manual that comes with the unit in the package is not pleasant for some customers.

Probably some customers have a frustration with a screeching noise when starting their wash cycle with Danby DDW1899WP. Maybe they think there is such a belt or an internal component causing such noise. However, soon they will find out later that it is merely because of a little loose on the lower washer arm. Once they can tighten it then the noise will be gone. Remember, the lower washer arm is not designed for heavy cleaning, thus, it is recommended to keep it clean.

Amazon Rating : 4.1

Customer Reviews and Rating

Danby DDW1899WPFrom the look most customers agreed that Danby DDW1899WP is a wonderful and good looking dishwasher that adds appeal to any kitchen in the apartments and homes. With this dishwasher nearly everything unless dishes with a plenty of crusted or burnt on food can go straight into it and typically comes out as sparkling clean things. No wonder the unit gets almost 5 star-rating from most Amazon customers. Many agreed that the machine clean very well and can be expected to work like those bigger models on the market.

The strongest cycle of Danby DDW1899WP dishwasher may take around 3 hours, which means you can let the unit run just right before you go to sleep at night and wake in the morning with shiny clean dishes. There is no problem such us unpleasant surprise with electricity or energy bills while using this machine. Compared to other countertop dishwashers available this machine is very quiet. The terms drying are probably not perfect for it but depending on the kinds of dishes the ceramic types can be dried better than the plastic types. [Read more reviews…]


Conclusion of Danby DDW1899WP Review

With 4 speed selector switch and other functional features Danby DDW1899WP is positively and widely accepted by its customers with a nearly ideal rating of five stars. As a countertop model dishwasher, though it is not a small or cheap item, most apartment tenants and others who live in a small place get much benefit from its efficiency and compact design. You will never get disappointed with this portable dishwasher particularly in terms of energy consumption, design and price even though it relatively has a long cycle.

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