Various Types of Dyson Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Dyson Hardwood Floor VacuumWhen talking about reliable and powerful vacuum cleaner that can deliver satisfying performance, the Dyson hardwood floor vacuum comes with lots of variants and types that you can choose. The Dyson products are different in designs and they also come with various technologies and specs, but when you have a Dyson product at home, you can be sure that you will only enjoy great result and nice operation. most of the products are designed and produced through careful planning and manufacturing process, so you can be sure that the products can deliver the satisfying results that you want. Since Dyson comes with various types of lines and products, there are certain products that are designed specifically for the hardwood flooring. With the products, you can clean your hardwood floor without damaging or scratching it. Isn’t it nice to have an item that can care for your floor while cleaning it perfectly at the same time?

Top 3 of the Best Dyson Hardwood Floor Vacuum

1. Dyson DC25 Upright Ball All Floors Vacuum
2. Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
3. Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum


1. The DC25 Upright Ball All-floors Vacuum

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This is one of the Dyson hardwood floor vacuum lines that comes with upright design and all the handy technologies you need to help you bring out the natural shine from your hardwood floor. The upright design will help you control and move the device around. Moreover, the design is compact and lithe enough so you don’t have to fumble with the awkward or clumsy model. This vacuum is certainly lightweight so you can carry it around with ease. Thanks to all the technologies packed up within the machine, you can have greater use and ease when maneuvering it. First of all, the device has the so called Root cyclone suction power that has been patented for its great use and functionality so you can always suck up debris, dirt, and dust easily.

When it is paired with the brush bar that comes with motor power, you can change the setting so you can clean off the rugs or carpets. It is safe to say that this device isn’t only good when used for cleaning the hardwood floor, but also the tile floor or the rugs. You don’t have to worry that you may suffer from suction power loss or clogging because such thing will never happen. The machine also comes with ball technology that will allow you better maneuverability and control. You are the master of your machine and you can control it easily. The device has hygienic dust container so disposing the waste won’t be a problem at all.

What customers are saying about Dyson DC25 ?

It is so lightweight and so easy to maneuver that I don’t have any pain after doing the whole house –
J. Miller (sunnyvale, ca United States)

With this vacuum you don’t need to select a carpet height or anything – Kim (Rochester, NY)

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2.  The Multi floor Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

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This is another example of good product from Dyson hardwood floor vacuum line. The outer look may fool you; you may think that this device is quite heavy due to the solid built and the exclusive parts and materials, but this machine is actually quite lightweight so you can always carry it around with ease. Just like other machines, this device is also equipped with the Root Radial Cyclone power technology that is able to suck up microscopic dust, dirt, and debris without any difficulties. The technology has great power suction and there is now way that you may experience power loss or any clogging issue when you have this device. In fact, the new type of cyclone power comes with greater technology that focuses on the airflow remodeling so it will have better suction power.

The machine also comes with ball technology for better control and maneuverability.There is no way that you will have problems steering the machine because this ball technology will help you with better control. You don’t have to worry about buying additional dirt bag because the machine doesn’t need it. It is very economical and handy. The dirt container can be cleaned easily and you can wash it so it lasts for longer term. Of course, you also need to consider about the price because this machine is rather expensive when compared to other machines, but if you want great power, this machine is certainly worth it.

What customers are saying about Dyson DC39 ?

Still sucks like a champ, even when WAY OVERFLOWINGLY FULL – Sarah Mc Bride (Concord, MA)

Works very well at picking up dust and dirt on carpet and flooring – Jean1960 “Jean” (USA)

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3. The Multi Floor DC40 Upright Vacuum

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This product is another product from Dyson hardwood floor vacuum line that can deliver great result. Besides being equipped with the cyclone technology that will deliver better cleaning result, it is also packed with the ball technology for better control and steer so you won’t have to struggle with your device whenever you feel like controlling it. another great thing about this device is that it comes with handy cleaner head that can be adjusted easily. The machine has this active basic plate that can do automatic adjustment for different kinds of floor so you don’t have to experience any wasted suction power. Thanks to the base plate, the machine can create optimum cleaning ability for different floor type so there will be no air leak.

The machine can also be used to cleanse off different types of floor, from the hardwood and tiles to carpets and rugs. It also comes with handy wand that can reach far away spots so you don’t have problems reaching to high places or difficult crevices. The wand can be attached and removed easily since you don’t need to assemble anything. This machine also comes with good air filtering system that will remove allergens, bacteria, mold, and pollen perfectly. And since there is no dirt bag to use, this machine is very economical and handy. It is true that the machine is rather expensive, but if you expect your machine to last longer and deliver powerful result, this machine is the answer.

What customers are saying about Dyson DC40?

The vacuum is still going strong after 10 months and we are still very happy with it. (Dre , Amazon Verified Purchase)

It works well on carpets, tile, and hardwood flooring.- T. Rose (USA)

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Conclusion of Dyson Harwood Floor Vacuum

These machines get positive feedbacks and reviews from users, so it is up to you to choose which one you like. All of them will be handy for you as they are equipped with all the great technologies and features. Below is the comparison chart for the best dyson hardwood floor vacuum, you can compare the spesification and feature :