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Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. dehumidifier has a distinctive looking with design for keeping the humidity in your home even your basement at a healthy and comfortable level without producing much noise when running. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is ideal for those who like a simple as this dehumidifier is easy to operate and also stylish with all essential features to reduce excess moisture in your home especially in damp areas. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is also suitable for you if your basement is musty and moldy or other areas that need such moisture removal to keep the humidity of that areas is healthy. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is a good equipped dehumidifier, which many great features to control the humidity level in your home by showing the exceptional performance, style and also convenience.

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Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt : The Features :

  • The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is good equipped dehumidifier, which features operation at low temperature, auto restart, humidistat that can be adjusted with digital read-out, two fan speeds, option of continuous drainage and quiet operation. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD has also (also has) energy star rating and can reach maximum dehumidification with a refrigerant of eco-friendly R410.
  • The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is definitely able to help you to control the humidity in your home 70 pints of moisture every day of dehumidification. When it is started, the fan pulls the moisture-laden air through the dehumidifying coil. The draw moisture or coil condense from the air will flow across the side louvers into your room as dry and warm air. The moisture that has been removed from air will be collected in a bucket that is located on the front of the dehumidifier.


Mesh filter of antibacterial on Frigidaire FAD704DUD

Frigidaire FAD704DUD in the roomThe Frigidaire FAD704DUD is equipped with mesh filter of antibacterial that is able to reduce bacteria, odors and other particles of airborne for a comfortable and cool environment. This filter is washable and you can clean it up breezily. Even though (it) is sited at the bottom of the unit, but it can slide out so you will be easy to access. The light of “clean filter” is going to illuminate after 250 hours of operation, about every two weeks. At this time, the bucket needs to be removed and the filter is pulled downwards. You can wash the filter by using clean water then let it dry completely. If the filter has been clean and replaced, you can press the button of “filter” to distinguish the light then the unit is ready to work again.

The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is able to protect your home from either mold or mildew due to excess moisture. It also assists to eliminate bacteria spreading in the air around your room that can cause difficult breathing. The feature of washable filter can keep the air smell fresh and healthy. The electronic controls in full function allows you to set the Frigidaire FAD704DUD to the precise environment for preventing unpleasant odors from the bacteria, mold and mildew in any room.

Amazon Rating : 4.1


Frigidaire FAD704DUD : Continuous Pump Option

The Frigidaire FAD704DUD offers you option of continuous pump that make (makes) you possible to drain your dehumidifier continuously so it will be no worry regarding with emptying the bucket of water. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD has a water bucket with splash guard and carrying handle. The water bucket is located in front of the unit that allows you to easily access for emptying and cleaning the canister. Both splash guard and carrying handle give (delete) makes you can empty the bucket without messes of spilled water and will be hassle free. It will be more convenient for you.

The Frigidaire FAD704DUD will automatically shut off and give you an alert when your water tank is about full and water bucket needs to be emptied. With this indicator, you can avoid the messes due to spilled water from the tank.

What are customer saying about Frigidaire FAD704DUD ?

This is so superior in so many ways. It’s easier to empty. It doesn’t drip when I Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Dehumidifier video reviewremove the water collector to empty it. ( Read Full Review…)

Frigidaire is a better buy because it has a simpler interface and design. It pulls plenty of moisture from the air without making much of a racket. A great piece of equipment and I highly recommend it. (Read Full Review..)

Pros and Cons of Frigidaire FAD704DUD

Pros :

Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 image

The Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. Dehumidifier has (delete) offers great performances with all the features. Many customers have purchased and used this unit to keep the humidity in their homes. Among the pros of the Frigidaire FAD704DUD that have made customers impressed with this unit are that it is really able to draw the water out and it is offering easy operation. The simple operation of this unit is important as it will give more convenience in handle and control it. Other pro is that the option for continuous drain makes user easy and hassle free in draining the water. People also like the Frigidaire FAD704DUD because it is pretty quiet.


As an electronic product, the Frigidaire FAD704DUD has also cons that are revealed by customers. Actually, this unit is well functioned and shows great performance, but some of user are disappointed due to the low durability of this unit. The compressor of the Frigidaire FAD704DUD cannot shut off any longer after first day. The only way to turn the compressor off is by pulling the cord. Apparently, it is not convenient for user. Other con of this unit is that the water bucket size is too small so that it requires emptying frequently for extended use. Customer also hopes to get the longer warranty on the Frigidaire FAD704DUD for protecting this unit.


My Review of  Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

Getting experiences from customer reviews after using this unit can be a reference to know this product actually. Most of the customers have reviewed that the Frigidaire is able to capture water moisture around the air in the room and then condense it. The condensate can run into a reservoir of 17 pint and attempt to enclose a drain hose. Other features that have made the customers satisfied are the handle on the top of the unit and the caster below can make repositioning this unit would be fairly easy.

Besides that, the air filter is easy to reach. Cleaning the filter is also easy even though it requires removal the bucket first. The customer is complaining as the Frigidaire FAD704DUD has not captured the issues of drainage yet before this unit went the field. The unit should include such drain kit inside the box. Otherwise, they can redesign this unit in order to no longer need the drain kit for function flawlessly.