iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum: Nice Robot to Clean the House

irobot 770 roomba robotic vacuumThe iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum is the type of cleaning device that you need if you want to have a cleaning and spotless floor. It is basically almost the same as the vacuum cleaner, only in smaller size and with better operational method. This device will efficiently pick up dirt, pet hair, tiny particles, and even allergens so your living space can be healthier and cleaner.

This device is using automatic mode when cleaning the whole floor. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to use it to clean your carpet or hard floor, it will work just as good.

The compact model allows this device to work easily and smoothly across the floor. It can also slide into the small crevices or under the furniture.


Amazon Rating : 4.5

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The Cleaning Power of iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum

The cleaning head is coming with upgraded and high-end  technology that would pick up dirt, hair, and dust easily and efficiently. It is safe to say that it comes with better and powerful suction motion. Another cool thing about this device is that it has HEPA filters with dual system that would pick up allergens and particulates that are responsible for your health. Once you are operating the device, you can be sure that the clean and fresh air will be the result.

Compact iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum – with remote controlled and cleaning sessions

Besides the powerful cleaning system, iRobot 770 Vacuum still has a lot of things to boast about. First, it is a remote controlled device which you can control from afar. Second, it has its own cleaning sessions which you can adjust and set. This vacuum can work on its own even when you are not around. It comes with better battery usage and operation, so you won’t have to worry about the battery life. It will be able to clean off the while room efficiently. Since it is a compact robot vacuum, you won’t have to perform the cleaning task manually. In fact, you won’t have to deal with the device at all – with the old school handle or bar. Once you adjust the setting and turn it off, it will set off on its own. Pretty nice and handy, right?

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The Specs of iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum

There are several specs that you may find useful and advantageous in this machine, such as:

  • iRobot 770 Roomba  has 3 cleaning stages that would ensure its efficiency and cleanliness.

  • It also has cleaning pass system that would perform similar motion like you are operating your regular vacuum cleaner.

  • It comes with automatic sensor that would allow you to clean more room and more thoroughly.

  • It has virtual wall system where you can limit the cleaning area

  • It has indicator that warns you when the bin is full.

The Reviews of iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum

irobot roomba 770 vacuum cleaning robotPeople who have purchased this device mostly say that it is truly handy and nice. It is able to clean off the floor and the whole room nicely and efficiently. It is not a cheap device, but having this iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuum is really worth the spending for long term investment in the cleaning aspect.
With HEPA filters that accompany it, is perfect for people who have problems with alergy. Some customers also expressed the sound generated by iRobot 770 is very minimal and not noisy. They can still watch TV in the room when this vacuum is clean the next room.

There are only a few minor issues such as unavailability of hard copy manual, so customers have to turn on the computer to read the CD to just see the user manual. Some customers also find the long hairs will get wrapped around the brush and you will have to pull it off by hand. But this can be overcome by performing maintenance on the iRobot Roomba 770 on a regular basis after a few weeks of usage. HEPA filters also need to do the cleaning from time to time, and sometimes also to be replaced.[Read more reviews…]

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