Koldfront PDW60EB Review-A Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Koldfront PDW60EB portable countertop dishwasherMany busy people dislike washing their dishes by hand simply because it can be time consuming and can be an exhausting job as well. Koldfront PDW60EB is a portable countertop dishwasher that can truly meet the need of modern people to get their dishes washed instantly and effectively. On your countertop it washes up to six standard place settings and the unit stands only over 17 inches tall. The compact countertop dishwasher machine comes with a low profile fitting conveniently under most cabinetry without the need for permanent installation.

It is very likely that you will have no complaint on Koldfront PDW60EB dishwasher because it has everything to ensure effective and efficient dish washing. They should be no problem with the high-heat dishwashing anymore because Koldfront PDW60EB comes with an internal water heater boosting the water temperature needed for the cleaning to up to 149°F. Moreover, with a heavy wash cycle and a stainless steel interior it ensures spotlessly clean dishes with every wash.


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Koldfront PDW60EB Review-The Key Features

Here are the key features of this best portable countertop dishwasher :

  • The main features of Koldfront PDW60EB include the six standard place setting capacity, which contains cup shelf, dish rack, and cutlery basket; six wash cycles, Quick connect adapter fitting for the majority kitchen faucets; Hold plates up to 10.5″ in diameter; Stainless steel interior; 3.8 gallons water consumption (for a normal wash): and fits under most cabinetry.
  • It results in relatively low noise level of 55±3dB with a power of 1160 W/10.7 A and an input voltage of 120V/60 Hz. With a Dimension of 17-3/16-inch H x 21-11/16-inch W x 19-11/16-inch he warranty of the unit is 1 year parts and 90 days labor.
  • The capability of Koldfront PDW60EB is considered efficient because compared to similar models in the market the unit consumes 61% less energy. The compact dishwasher unites can conserve water and consumes only 200 kilowatt hours per year allowing users to save on water and energy bills. The dimensions of this unit correct.
  • It can be put on the counter that faces the water tubes and sink reaching all the way around without any problem. All work related with setting up and operation is unbelievably easy and very efficient. The dishes coming out of the machine are clean and it holds an adequate capacity, enough for the need of 2 people in the household.


Pros and Cons of Koldfront PDW60EB

Koldfront PDW60EB imagePros

For those living in a small apartment and are seeking to have their dishes washed without spending the time to do the Koldfront PDW60EB will be a recommended product for them. The strength includes energy saving, efficient work, user-friendly features, and compact design.

Setting up the machine only needs less than 10 minutes and moreover it is very easy to operate. In fact, the unit is basically self efficient. Users will likely not ask for a better product than this dishwasher because simply it is a great and affordable price dishwasher.


Among the cons is that, even though the dishwasher unit does a great job, still it cannot handle too much caked on food or loose on dishes. User however can trap the previous water of the load in one side of the sink and use it to effectively pre-soak anything, which is extra tough-lazy. After every load it requires users to sweep food off trap screen.

Some customers report about the Koldfront PDW60EB dishwasher that does not dry all the way but the rests feel fine about this little thing since they can get their dishes done regularly ever since. This dishwasher is really the best solution particularly for city apt dwellers who have too little space but wanting to install a full size.

Amazon Rating : 4.6

Customer Reviews and RatingKoldfront PDW60EB countertop dishwasher

Many customers on Amazon agreed to give this portable Koldfront PDW60EB dishwasher 4-5 star rating due to numerous reasons. Some customers are happy with the quality packaging of the machine while some others are impressed with the manual lists of the unit listing the time, water, and energy consumption needed for every cycle of the cleaning process. It is recommended by existed users to rinse the dishes first so that the machine can work best because it appears to have a hard time with the dried-on food.

Koldfront PDW60EB portable dishwasher is definitely a great little unit that requires only some reasonable care and maintenance to work at its best. For the shortest time but fine job the Rapid eco option is the best choice. Thus, it is perfect for modern living where time and energy is money. It is very economical that requires only around a table spoon of detergent gel to do its fine job cleaning. [Read more reviews…]

Conclusion of Koldfront PDW60EB Review

It seems that customers could not be happier about their Koldfront PDW60EB purchase. This portable dishwasher is definitely a keeper when it comes to space, price and convenience. For the best practice using the portable unit it is suggested that you follow the instructions of the manual as well as tips from numerous busy moms who have used it for years without any hassle.