Mint 4200 Automatic Floor Cleaner : The Compact Cleaning Machine

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mint 4200 automatic floor cleanerIf you want a product that can sweep and also mop your hard floor, then the Mint 4200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner,  is the perfect answer for you. This device will clean your floor in now time. Once you set up everything, you can let this machine do its own thing: cleaning the room so you won’t have to do the work yourself. Moreover, since it is running automatically, there is no handle to hold or no bar to control. You basically set this device on its auto mode and off it goes.

You need to remember that this device isn’t a vacuum cleaner, so don’t bother to find the features that you usually find in vacuum cleaners. This device is an automatic mopping machine and sweeping so you won’t have to do the manual work on your own.


Amazon Rating : 4.2

Mint 4200 with automatic cleaning mode

Once you set on the microfiber cloth and you start turning on the cleaning mode, Mint 4200 will run on its own. It will clean the hard floor by picking up dirt, pet hair, or other tiny particles effectively. Even if your hard floor is looking perfectly clean and spotless, this device is always able to find things to pick up. Once you have done with the dry cleaning method, you can start the washing or the mopping mode. Again, Evolution Robotics Mint 4200 will operate automatically once you have set up the setting. Since it is not a vacuum cleaner, there is no litter bin that you should take care of. You simply need to change the microfiber cloth.

Mint 4200 smooth operation – automatic run for 3 hours

This device can run automatically for about 3 hours. Even if it finished cleaning the floor before reaching 3 hours limit period, it will turn off on its own. The whole operation of Mint 4200 automatic floor cleaner is very quiet and smooth and it can be used for small space or under the furniture. It also comes equipped with Navigation System that would map and remember the whole area that has been cleaned. It is truly an automatic machine that can help you in your daily chores.

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Spesification of Mint 4200 :

  • It is quiet and noiseless

  • It is automatic with its pre-set up mode

  • It can sweep and mop the floor

  • It can last for 3 operational hour

  • It uses microfiber cloths that can be washed, replaced, and removed.

The Review of Mint 4200 Automatic Floor Cleanermint 4200 floor cleaner

Lots of people say that this Mint 4200 automatic cleaning device is great. It is able to pick up things perfectly and the mopping mode is just nice and handy. However, there are several downsides that you may want to know. First of all, you need to remember that this device can’t perform any deep cleaning method so if you have grease or spots that have been embedded for quite some time, this device may not be able to clean it off perfectly. Second, the microfiber cloth can get dirty quite fast. It is reusable and washable, but it would be better if the company can produce fiber cloth that won’t get dirty so fast.

Despite the flaws, most users say that the basic operation and performance of the device is very nice and perfect. This automatic cleaner get 4.2 star rating out of possible 5 from Amazon.They really like having this thing around. If you don’t really mind with the whole downsides, then this Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 is the best option for you. [Read more reviews…]

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