Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Floor Cleaner for Better Cleaning

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mint plus 5200 automatic floor cleanerIf you are looking for a device that can help you performing your daily cleaning duty, then the Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Floor Cleaner will be the best option for you. It is certainly not a vacuum cleaner, but a smaller and more compact automatic sweeper and mop. When you have this device, you shouldn’t worry anymore about your cleaning job because this machine can really replace you in doing the job perfectly.

This machine is the automatic sweeper and mop that would cover the cleaning purpose for the entire area nicely. Since it comes with compact model and design, it can be used to sweep the corners or difficult areas under the furniture or small crevices.

Amazon Rating : 4.4

Compact Mint Plus 5200 – with replaceable microfiber cloths

It is coming with removable and attachable microfiber cloths that can be easily replaced with the new one once the old one is dirty. Another cool thing about the cloth is that it can be washed – whether using dry or wet method.  So you don’t have to worry about buying another cloth over and over again. You can buy the new one once the old one is being worn or damaged. And since this Mint Plus 5200 from Evolution Robotics isn’t a vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to deal with any garbage bin because there isn’t any! You simply need to remove the cloth if you want to have different job.

Mint Plus 5200 – automatic operation

The machine truly works automatically once you have adjusted the setting. When you want to operate Mint Plus 5200 automatic floor cleaner in sweeping mode, you need to set the device, turn it on, and let it go. As simple as that. If you want to have a mopping one, you can replace the cloth and set it to work right away. The machine is equipped with dial buttons and everything, so there is no hassle when operating or setting up the device. The cloth will be able to pick up any dust, dirt, particulates, or even pet hair that you can’t see clearly. Even if you floor looks extra clean, the cloth should be able to find something that you probably miss.

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Specs of Mint Plus 5200 Floor Cleaner

The extra cleaning work and the automatic mode aren’t the only thing you can enjoy from having this machine around.

  • It is quiet and noiseless

  • Mint Plus 5200 has its own charging cradle for more efficient use

  • The microfiber cloth can be washed and removed anytime you like

  • The price range is very nice

The Review of  Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Cleaner

mint plus 5200 pictureAccording to users who have tried the device, this automatic mopping machine is totally worth the spending. It can clean the whole area and cover the difficult parts nicely. The compact design allows it to glide effortlessly on the floor while cleaning the whole area without producing any sound at all. Most of them also like the microfiber aspect since they can manage their financial department better without compromising their living space cleanliness or hygiene. If you have pets at home, you may want to consider having this device around because Mint Plus 5200 Cleaner can really help you clean your device perfectly.

One drawback is the device is not a vacuum, so you have to replace the pad every cleaning process is complete, but just throw that in the laundry. This automatic cleaner is compatible with disposable swiffer pads. Besides microfiber cloths that comes with Mint Plus 5200, you also need one or two more as a backup so you still be able to use mint plus when the microfiber cloths should be washed. [Read more reviews…]

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