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neato battery replacement packNeato robotic vacuum provide a different experience for you to clean the floor. With automatic cleaning mode, Neato will clean the entire floor of your home with ease, and you can still work on other activities. For the Neato XV-21, is designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers. Various types of floors can be cleaned, such as: carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl. Newest feature is an on-board Room Positioning System (RPS), developed by Neato Robotics. This feature allows neato map the location of all around the vacuum cleaner, including a wide range of objects, furniture and entrance. So the process of cleaning the room will happen efficiently and quickly.

Customers who have been using neato robotics are very satisfied with the performance of automatic vacuum in keeping the room clean and healthy. Having a very adequate suction capability, and can clean without damaging furniture in the room. For the pet owner and alergy sufferer, Neeato robotic comes with pet and allergy upgrade kit. This is an excellent value for your robotic vacuum, it can suck the very small particles that can cause problems for people with alergy. With a very eficient filter, filtering process will yield three times better than a standard filter. The room will be cleaner and healthier. This kit also provides solutions to several issues of Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

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