Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit

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Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit is highly recommended for you as the owner of Neato robotic vacuum. especially for animal owners and allergy sufferers, this upgrade will provide great added value, as it gives you the ability neato suck pet hair, dander and dirt particles with a very fine size. For hard surface Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit provides the advantage of lower noise, because it is equipped with a helix brush that has been specially designed to suck up pet hair.

With high efficiency filters that are available, the filter have the ability to filter three times more dust and dander than standard filters. This makes the atmosphere in your home cleaner and healthier. The use of Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit have completed some isue for Neato Robotic.

Use on hardwood floor no longer poses a big noise, and even more use on thick and new carpet is not a problem anymore. Neato robotic pose you no longer sounds like a very hard working, and not smooth in moving around the room to be cleaned.

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5. Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit

Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit Feaures:

-Better capability to pick up pet hair, dander, and dust particles
-Filter has the ability 3 times better in filtering allergens.
-Create a lower noise on the hardwood floor application
-Helix brush with a special design to pick up pet hair

For better health in your house, it is advisable to complement the vacuum cleaner you have with a allergy kit. Likewise, Neato Robotic Vacuum, it is recommended to use it as well. Benefit that you earn far more than the price you paid to buy the Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit.

Alergy symptoms usually occur in some people when adjacent to certain substances such as animal hair, dander, or just dust that can be found around your home. In most people, in fact these substances do not cause a disturbing effect.

When one allergy sufferers breathe, and are exposed to an allergen substances, the patient’s body will release histamine and other substances from the body’s immune response. This causes itching, coughing and excessive mucus production. Allergy symptoms most often affects the eyes, skin and the respiratory tract. Use a vacuum cleaner with Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit, could reduce the amount of allergens that are present in your home.

neato pet and allergy upgrade kit


Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit : help remove allergen from your floor

Allergic reactions can happen to a person caused by alerge inside and outside the home. Some common allergens that can already be defined, among others. :

Mold spores found in the air and can be present throughout the year. The basement, bathrooms and other rooms that have high humidity found more mold spores.

Some parts of the animal’s body can cause allergies as well. This includes animal fur and hair are usually often left behind in all parts of your home. Neato robotic vacuum vacuum was fairly well help your job to clean the room especially hardfloor easily. But for best results remove allergens in your home you need Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit in the use of neato robotic vacuum.

Dust allergens can come from fiber fabrics, detergents, and also from microscopic insects. Dust from mites, allergens become one of the many effects on the sufferer, which are found in mattresses and bedding. To clean allergy in bed or mattress, you may need to use another type of vacuum cleaner, such as upright or canister vacuum cleaner. As for the floor you can use neato robotic vacuum which of course is equipped with Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit.


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