Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner – The Features

Neato XV-21 Robotic VacuumThe Neato XV-21 pet & allergy vacuum is especially designed for owners of pet and sufferers of allergy. It is a brand new in automatic vacuuming that is able to take on the task of cleaning your floors in many types such as tile, wood, vinyl, even carpet. The Neato XV-21 can keep the health of your home, takes pet hair and dirt quickly, and reduces allergens

The  Neato XV-21 comes with many special features. It has a bristled brush that is able to pick up the tough dirt and pet hair, fibers, and dander. The bristled brush can easily and quickly take pet hair with quietly run especially on such hard floors.

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The Neato XV-21 pet & allergy vacuum cleaner is also equipped with special filter that can boost suction power and airflow, takes, and retains the fine particles of dust. This vacuum cleaner is easy to use for daily cleaning that will help you to scan the room, and then automatically vacuums every dirt even fine dust in pattern of back and forth. You will be able to set it up for daily use of cleaning. It enables to vacuum close to corners and walls so (you) will never worry about those areas.

You can also use the  Neato XV-21 pet & allergy vacuum for cleaning under furniture and around obstacles carefully. It offers you automatic and easy operation with large dirt bin without bag that is easy to both empty and clean. You are able to adjust between hard floors and carpets, then returns to base automatically to recharge.



RPS technology on Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy vacuum

The Neato XV-21 pet & allergy vacuum is equipped with RPS technology, a system of revolutionary that combines vision of laser-based with room mapping. The laser is used to see the surroundings and make accurate maps around areas for cleaning including objects, furniture, and doorways as well. The robot will constantly update the room map, so if there is a new object put into the room while a cleaning run, then the robot will add this object to the map.

The Neato XV-21 is a great piece of engineering as it provides a lot of power. It is comparable to others that are more expensive with manual models. This vacuum cleaner is user friendly so you can set it up and operate it for cleaning your house easily and quickly. It comes with 3 main operating modes that are automatic mode, scheduled mode and spot cleaning mode. Among of these modes, the scheduled cleaning is most favor with users. It is easy to set the timer through the display of intuitive interface on a bright screen of LED.


Available Accessories For Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Vacuum

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The Neato XV-21 pet & allergy vacuum has already proven that it can work on any surface types such as hardwood floors, carpets, laminates, tile, and vinyl. It is able to pick pet hairs, dirt and dust easily, but still, there is a limit.

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