Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Review

dyson dc39 canister vacuum imageThe Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner is a revolution of vacuum cleaner that delivers many great features. The Dyson DC39 is using high technology to make very tiny dirt particles even microscopic particles can be picked up easily. It is also the first model from Dyson canister to include the popular ball design and it is claimed can give the machine a gravity in lower center and user control is greater.

The Dyson DC39 shows a decent performance in cleaning your home with its abilities and features. It works well to clean up tile, hardwood floor, and short carpet. The Dyson DC39 comes with ball technology for providing greater maneuverability.


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Dyson DC39 Features

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1. Features
2. Cyclone Technology
3. Triggerhead Tool
4. Available Accessories
5. Pros
6. Cons
7. Video Review
8. Customer Reviews
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10. Price Comparison

  • The Dyson DC39 has a mechanism of central steering in order to get greater control. This vacuum cleaner is easy to operate with pivot point that is sited around the center of the machine, thus turning circles are tighter, and operation is easier by following the user’s path.The Dyson DC39 is able to pick up more dirt or debris than any other. It is equipped with technology of cyclone with remodeled airways for maximizing the suction power.
  • The DC39 has lifetime filters that can be washed and no bags to replace, so you will save your money, as there is no extra cost with this vacuum cleaner. Ordinary types of vacuum cleaners use bags to trap dirt and dust. If you are using them, the small holes in the bag will clog up with dust particles that cause the airflow is restricted, so that the vacuum cleaner is going to lose suction.
  • Different with wheeled vacuum cleaner that can be awkward such as heavy to pull, issue of head get collide and wrong way with obstacles, the Dyson DC39 ball vacuum is able to clean without any awkward moves.


Video Review

dyson dc39 video review

Cyclone Technology

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The Dyson DC39 does not rely on bag to capture the dirt and dust, but it is using cyclone technology by spinning the air at very high speeds. The cyclone inside the Dyson DC39 generates high centrifugal forces with many thousands times of gravity force. Dirt, dust and per hairs will be flung out of the airflow and then straight into the bin. There is no bag and there is no loss of suction.


Triggerhead tool

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dyson dc39 triggerhead tool

The Dyson DC39 multi floor canister vacuum offers a Triggerhead tool with a rotating brush of air-driven. It is turbine head that is controlled at the handle, thus it does not require any bending down. You just need to push the button on the handle for turning the brush bar on if you want to clean up your carpets, or off if you want to vacuum hard floors and delicate rugs. The Dyson DC39 has essential components inside the treated ball so that it is able to reduce the noise levels and provide the excellent performance.


The Technologies that are used by Dyson are patented. Dyson engineers conduct testing and inventing constantly to find such new ways in order to make their technology will work better. Every patent application is filled so that their inventions are protected from copycat manufacturers. Therefore, only Dyson machine that uses Dyson technology.

Available Accessories for Dyson DC39

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Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
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Pros and Cons

After launching in market and many consumers use the Dyson DC39, there are pros and cons regarding with this vacuum cleaner. You can find both for your reference in considering purchase this vacuum cleaner.
miele s7210 twist prosPros
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  • The Dyson DC39 has a system to make this vacuum super easy for switching out for situational cleaning. Except idyson dc39 ballt is a large bag less upright, the ball design is more attractive and efficient. It is easy to mobile with the ball on a canister vacuum.
  • The Dyson DC39 has a wonderful design with the canister that looks like a nuclear reactor. With Dyson’s design, each parts of this vacuum cleaner can be interchanged with other part. Therefore,you are possible to make it as you want such as a power head to be put on the hose, upholstery to be placed on the extendable pole. You are also able to have a crevice cleaner or trigger grip. The Dyson DC39 will accommodate every configuration that you can think.
  • Other pro of the Dyson DC39 is that this vacuum cleaner installs a HEPA filter for allergy sufferers, so it is healthier to have it around. Every piece within this Dyson is washable. It is easy to make them clean when you get them dirty. You just need the pieces into the sink, or if you prefer to wash them in the tub then you can do it.

miele s7210 twist constCons:
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  • Among the drawbacks of this vacuum cleaner is that you will need to really watch when the canister is being emptied, otherwise the dirt and dust will spread everywhere. There is no doubt on the ability of this Dyson to suck the tiny particles around your home but it cannot work well to the bigger things like the size of a marble. In regard to the appearance, the housing of the DC39 can get warm when it is extended in use.

Customer Reviews

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Among the customer reviews, most of them are impressed with the Dyson DC39 because it is easy to assembly. The instruction that is attached in the package is not informative enough but the pictures can guide the user to set it up easily and quickly. It can take out the dust in large number on the carpet. It is also easily moving from rug area to hardwood floor. It is simple thing to turn off the brush by pushing a button on the handle, so the floor will not get scratched.

Amazon Rating : 4.4

Overall, the Dyson DC39 multi floor vacuum has a futuristic look and works better with all great features and Dyson technologies. It can deliver you the efficient vacuum to make sure your home free of small debris.

What are customers saying?

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This is the best vacuum ever. I have been a proud dyson owner for the past 8 years, my first was a purple DC07 Animal and that vacuum has been a trooper and still works just as good as when I bought it. …(click here to read the full review)

I highly recommend the soft dusting brush attachment. I have used that like crazy since my vacuum came with it. It works great on all the electronics and fits wonderfully behind the tv getting the dust off the back. It took seconds to dust all the end tables, coffee table, and entertainment center….(click here to read the full review)

Dyson DC39 Price Comparison

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To buy the Dyson DC39 vacuum cleaner we still recommend the Amazon that is likely to provide the best price and service.The price is around $429.99

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We have also checked the price for Dyson DC39 on BestBuy.com, Target.com and Kmart.com. The price is slightly higher than the price on Amazon.com that is around $ 449.00.