Think to do after you install hardwood floor

beautiful harwood floor

After you install the hardwood floor in your home, it’s time you should think about how beautiful hardwood floors that you keep it clean. For that you need a wood floor vacuum cleaner that can keep him clean, without leaving any scratches or marks on the wood floor.This is important because the hardwood floor is not a small investment.You must convey to a vacuum cleaner sales person that you will use this vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor in your home. Actually there are two types of these vaccum the wet and dry.

Wet mode you need to remove the spilled liquid on the surface of the wood flooring. Or maybe you are also required keystrokes poured cleaning fluid on the wood floor, probably because there is dirt that is difficult to remove with just a wipe only. So this mode can be used to suck up the rest of the cleaning fluid that may still be left behind when you wipe.While dry mode is required when you intend to remove dirt or dust in the wood floor. This is necessary so that your wood floor always looks original and natural.Some of the brand a favorite of buyers such as Oreck, Hoover or Dirt Devil. To get a good enough quality for between $ 200 or more, and is the right investment to protect the wood floors in your home. Make sure the model you choose is not too heavy, so you easily move through the corner of the house